The Sketchbook Sessions: Spotlight on Pixie

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Enjoy this bonus episode! Sketchbook conversation on Pixie's exhibition
In our very first Sketchbook conversation, where we interview artists about their current process and flow, we delve into the amazing lessons and milestones Pixie has been experiencing as she exhibits and preps her artwork for print sales.

Our theme song, Whimsical Aliens, was written by Alejandro Bernard:
YouTube Alejandro Bernard

Basic Information on Freezing, Fawning, and other trauma responses

CPTSD Foundation

Photography and Printing Resources in Pittsburgh

Bankrupt Bodega
PGH Print Ship

Important Inspirational Artists for me personally, and they may be for you too

Victoria Smith of the Mojo Lab

Thomas Jackson

My Life Coach

Kelli Younglove

Links to both places I am currently (or will be soon) exhibiting my work:

The Mayfly
Some PGH

And thank you to all of my friends for loving me- I couldn't do any of this without my family.

Vanessa Wood
Ale and Alice
Micah Beck
Caitlin Gemmell
Nick Edwards
Brendan Wilbur for being my financial therapist and friend and helping me not be dumb with money
Melanie Ansell for helping me with all the scary business stuff
and of course all the pets for literally saving my life
And my high school art teacher Dru Fuller, and my college professors Philip Listengart and Judy Bernstein who is why I never give up.

Creators and Guests

An artist and adventurer, pixie has been creating, exploring, and even teaching art for many years. This podcast is another little world for her to play in.
Creating in the beautiful Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud...
The Sketchbook Sessions: Spotlight on Pixie
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