Creativity is an extension of the human experience.
This wild boundless seascape has been our anchor 
for our friendship and our sanity. 
This podcast is an exploration between close friends
through the use of storytelling and artistic expression.
We are glad you have joined us.

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Latest Episodes

Season Finale- Pixie and Rudo talk about death

In our season finale, we talk about the cycles of death that appear in all aspects of life; the creative process, relationships, the seasons. This is about how death i...

Menopause and Magic- Episode One

Pixie and Rudo are joined by Dr Randolph Hollingsworth, in what is truly a generous and intimate look at the complex health realities of her journey from motherhood to...

The Sketchbook Sessions: It is Pixie's Birthday!

A birthday sketchbook session episode- see where Pixie is in the flow. A few weeks ago in New York City, Flamingo, a domestic king pigeon, was found covered in hair dy...

The Impact of Interface

Pixie takes you on a small voyage into the galaxy of her mind- exploring her experiences of living with OCD and sensory overhwhelm. She talks about how it has influenc...

Stargazing and Storytelling: An Interview with Diana P. Cartwright

 In this episode we delve with stargazer and storyteller Diana P Cartwright, who has been guiding Rudo and I as we collectively track the Venusian cycle (the planet Ve...

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